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Premise has acquired Ninesides

After 16 years of building unique hand-crafted online experiences, Ninesides is proud to announce that it is now joining forces with the team at Premise Design Communications.

“Strength in numbers” as they say, and this is no exception. The good folks at Premise know a thing or two about good, strong lasting brands. Brands that help their clients communicate and stand apart in this fast-paced, highly competitive environment. Ninesides is more than thrilled to bring our hand-crafted approach to their service offering.

At Premise, we develop brands and design collateral no matter what the media – print, environmental, digital applications or web. Our work connects and inspires engagement between our clients and their target audiences. Work that our clients can build on, that are strategically sound, and that work.

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So What's Next?

Kicking off January, 2014 we'll begin directing our expertise towards creating and innovating brands both online and offline with the good folks at Premise.

The best news is that we aren’t going anywhere. We’re still at 191 John Street, Suite #100 in downtown Toronto.
We couldn't be more excited to start building a new footprint with Premise, and look forward to offering our existing and future clients the same level of personalized service, now with more hot sauce!

As for Brian, the great news is that he will remain on board as the new Digital Creative Director at Premise. He is looking forward to flexing his creative muscles on some new and exciting clients. Could that be you? Be sure to keep in touch with Brian below:

Brian Marchand

“Thanks for an amazing 16 years! It’s been an awesome journey working and growing with all of you. Your support and trust have made us who we are today. I’m looking forward to the next 16 years!”